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Helping small businesses become more successful and efficient by taking the frustration out of technology and online presence management

Keeping your business visible online,

generating new customer contacts and sales

Regular Content

As your business grows and your time needs to be focussed on your customers and employees, social and online presence tasks can get put off. We can take this on and ensure your business doesn’t drop out of sight online. Regular content and profile updates keep your business visible, improves your Google search rankings and generates new customer contacts, leads and sales.

Online Presence

Our Online Presence Management Services Include:

Account Set-up & Management

We will set up new social media accounts or maintain your existing profiles across numerous platforms.

Regular Posts

We will hold regular catch-up’s to discuss suitable content across all your accounts regularly.

Strategy Review

Examine user analytics and use info to develop a strategy that gains new custom for your business.

Analytics Reports

Provide meaningful reports with observations and recommendations to keep you up to date.

Reply to Reviews

Reply to reviews on your behalf using an agreed set of responses, ensuring the reviewer feels valued.

SEO Review

We will undertake a review of your website search engine optimisation & make improvement suggestions.

My Google Business

Account set-up, verification and management including regular posts and bank holiday open hours.

Image Optimisation

We will ensure the photos provided give the best impression of your recent work and projects.

The biggest benefit of social media?

Brand Awareness

Social media helps create brand awareness, whilst people may not interact with your posts, regular content will mean you will come to mind when they need your product or service.

An active social media profile with regular posts validates your brand and shows you are still active, a business without recent content can be perceived as no longer operational. Most people question the quality of a quiet restaurant, “wouldn’t it be busy if the food was fantastic?”

Show you are a great business that has lots of customers who trust you with regular posts.

Another huge benefit

Creating Trust

Creating human connections - posts can be more tangible than a static website, once people hear of you and click on your page, seeing lots of activity on your feed helps to reinforce you are a good choice for them.

Posts which demonstrate you live by your values, shows authenticity and builds trust.

When potential customers see you respond to reviews, it shows you appreciate their time and effort, which indicates you care about your clients as well as generating customer loyalty.

Further Benefits of Social Media

Improved ranking on Google

Google loves to see activity and will boost you higher over your competitors who aren’t as active.

Post on social media are a great opportunity to create backlinks to your website, which improves

Google rankings.

Gain Advocates / Promoters

Make it easy for your customers to be an advocate for your business and promote you via free referrals.

Being visible, providing interesting updates and enabling customers to leave reviews and share your posts keeps your business in their mind, especially if you could be a good fit for a friend. People love to be able to recommend a good service to a friend in need, social media makes it so quick and simple!

Additional contact opportunities

The more you communicate, the more chance of a conversation. Social media gives potential customers more ways to contact you so they can choose their preferred method.

Social platforms make leaving comments and sending messages simple, so you are more likely to receive contacts, questions and feedback which may not otherwise have been made.

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