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It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the choice available when you look for IT solutions, a multitude of options, features and levels – let us use our knowledge and IT expertise to find the one that’s right for you, no jargon, no acronyms, just a plain English explanation of how it fits your business.

Changing the way you work can feel daunting, we can help you find the right solution and assist with preparation, implementation, training and ongoing support.

Solution Selection Short List

We can identify flexible, secure and up-to-date tech solutions that suit your companies budget, size and user capability.

Our IT Solution Selection Services Include:

Review existing systems

We will get to know what you currently use, how you use it, and discuss the missing / underperforming elements.

Review existing processes

Talking with you and your team, we will gain an understanding and document your manual procedures.

Requirements gathering

We'll work to create a list of must-have features for the new solution, as well as should haves and nice to haves.

Research and analyse options

Using all the collected information, we'll review numerous options on the market to find a suitable fit.

Shortlist options

We will present back to you the solutions that have the best fit along with demo's if available to help you make the final choice.

Pre-live preparation

We'll help you successfully move to your chosen system, ensuring the completion of any data prep and entry, system set-up as well as familiarisation and training.

Go-Live support

During the first few hours / days, we will be on hand to answer any questions and ensure a seamless transition to the new ways of working.

Ongoing support as required

If you would like a longer period of support, we can be there for you and your team while the new system and processes become fully embedded.

The biggest benefit of Solution Selection & Implementation

Our Focused Expertise

We pride ourselves on being able to get to know you and your business so we can recommend solutions which are a perfect match for your unique scenario. Our initial analysis will map out your existing processes, highlighting bottlenecks, repetitive and time-consuming tasks which will most benefit from automation or simplification by the new system.

Using us to identify a new solution means you can continue to focus on your business. Our experience in assessing options means it won't take long to complete the in-depth analysis of each option in comparison to your business needs, we will also include credibility checks and highlight potential pitfalls such as support limitations, giving you peace of mind that your final choice is fully informed.

Once our analysis is completed, we will present back to you a number of options scored against your requirements with examples of how they work to enable you to make an informed shortlist. The next step is to arrange a trial system if available, which we can set up with data similar to your own to ensure your first experience with the systems is a close to reality as possible. This removes the time and effort of learning several systems only to find them unsuitable. It's common to find a solution which ticks all the boxes but just doesn't fit in terms of look, feel and usability.

Benefits of a well-chosen system to your business


The biggest benefit is the efficiency provided by the streamlining of your operations with a system that removes manual processes, duplication of data or workarounds forced by an ageing system or one that just wasn't fit for purpose.

Improved Analytics & Reporting
Happier Team
Future Proof

A well-chosen system will deliver benefits across the board - ultimately enabling your business to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Whether that be from freeing up time, increased functionality, reduced errors or automation of various processes.

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